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District 11 Spring Meeting

April 25th 6:30 pm B&G Conference Room 

Agenda Pending 

Welcome to the Online Home of District 11

Minnesota District 11 Hockey is committed to providing a stable, informative and efficient governing body to its member associations.

Coaching information 2018-2019 **Information Coming soon**

Safe Sport And Screening 
If you took your Safe sport and Screening the 2015-2016 Season. Both the Safe sport and Screening will expire and needs to be renewed prior to being placed on a roster for the 2017/18 Season.

2017 USA Hockey Coaches 
Coaches can look up their credentials on USA Hockey that were used for the 2016/17 Hockey Season to confirm what is needed.  

All Coaches need to complete all CEP, SafeSport and the Background Checks to be allowed on the bench and or ice with your team. #1 - Obtain a USA Hockey Coaching Number  (Prior to being placed on USA Hockey Roster)
*** Once you have recieved your USA Hockey number please inform you Associaton Regstrar
USA Hockey Registration

#2 - Complete MN Background Screening  (Prior to being placed on USA Hockey Roster)
MN Hockey Background Screening

#3 - Complete SafeSport Training (Prior to being placed on USA Hockey Roster)
USA Hockey SafeSport Training

#4 - Complete Modules (Prior to being placed on USA Hockey Roster)
USA Hockey Module Training

#5 - Attend Coaching Clinic (Prior to December 31, 2018) * These are in person training held at a local rink a few times per year. Please be aware that if you miss your required level of training, you are no longer eligible to coach. 
District 11 Coaching Education Program Upcoming Clinic Dates
Expired CEP FAQ
Dave Esse

#6 - Complete Concussion Training (This training is required annually! It is good for one calendar year.  If you have taken the training with another youth sport program please send your association registrar your certificate along with the Coach Concussion Certification sheet attached and filled out.)
Coach Concussion Certificate
Coach Concussion Training


Mn. Statute On Concussions

Link to Mn. Hockey Concussion Article

Article on MN. Hockey Web Site with information on Concussions in Mn. Hockey and plans by USA Hockey to change and impliment rules to decrease occurance.

District 11 District Playoffs

District Playoff fees will remain the same as last season.
• Assign District 11 Playoff sites for 2018-2019:


Playoff Tournaments

2018 North Region Tournaments

Dates:     March 1, 2, 3  2019

Bantam AA               

Bantam A                  

Bantam B                   

Peewee AA                 

Peewee A                   

Peewee B                   




2019 Mn Hockey State Tournaments


March 15, 16, 18  2019


Bantam AA                      

Bantam A                         

Bantam B                         

Peewee AA                       

Peewee A                        

Peewee B                         

15- UA                             

12- UA                             

12- UB                             

Junior Gold (All)                


District 11;
I have found that I need to remind associations and/or coaches the of the rules regarding rostered players....

ONLY the players on the official team roster are allowed to play in games.
I.E. using players from the roster 
of another team in the association.

If anyone finds this practice happening please report it to me immediately. 

Should I be informed of this and upon investigation I find it to be true, the eligibility of ALL teams for that association will be in jeopardy.

Pete Hill
District 11 Director
MN Hockey

Locker Room Monitor Policy

USA Hockey is concerned with locker room activities between minor participants; minor participants and adult participants; adults being alone with individual minor participants in locker rooms; and with non-official or non-related adults having unsupervised access to minor participants at team events. It is the policy of USA Hockey that all USA Hockey Member Programs have at least one responsible screened adult present monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room. Acceptable locker room monitoring could include having locker room monitors in the locker room while participants are in the locker room, or could include having a locker room monitor in the immediate vicinity (near the door) outside the locker room that also regularly and frequently enters the locker room to monitor activity inside. If the monitor(s) are inside, then it is strongly recommended that there be two monitors, both of which have been screened. A local program or team may impose or follow stricter monitoring requirements. Any individual meetings between a minor participant and a coach or other adult in a locker room shall require that a second responsible adult is present. The responsible adult that monitors and supervises the locker room shall have been screened in compliance with Section III of this Handbook. Further, responsible adults must also secure the locker room appropriately during times when minor participants are on the ice. It shall be permissible for a local program or team to prohibit parents from a locker room. However, in doing so the team shall be required to have properly screened adults monitoring and supervising the locker room as required above. With younger players, it is generally appropriate to allow parents to assist the player with

getting equipment on and off before and after games or practices and they should be allowed in the locker room to do so.


Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, which includes voice recording, still cameras, and video cameras, increase the risk for some forms of abuse or misconduct. As a result, the use of a mobile device’s recording capabilities in the locker rooms is not permitted at any USA Hockey sanctioned event, provided that it may be acceptable to take photographs or recordings in a locker room in such unique circumstances as a victory celebration, team party, etc., where all persons in the locker room are appropriately

dressed and have been advised that photographs or recordings are being taken.

All local programs shall publish locker room policies to the parents of all minor participants that are specific to the facilities they regularly use. The local program’s policies shall include the program’s (a) practices for supervising and monitoring locker rooms and changing areas; (b) permission or lack of permission for parents to be in the locker rooms; (c) prohibited conduct, including at least all forms of abuse and misconduct prohibited by USA Hockey; and (d) specific policies regarding the use of mobile electronic devices and phones and prohibiting the use of a device’s recording capabilities. A sample locker room policy form may be found For each team, the coach and/or team administrators shall be responsible for compliance with the locker room supervision requirements of this Policy. A coach and/or team administrator that fails to take appropriate steps to ensure the Locker Room Policy is adhered to, and any USA Hockey participant or parent of a participant who otherwise violates this Policy is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.